Aviation Complete

About Us

Aviation Complete is a leading European aviation resource company. Located close to London’s Gatwick airport, we provide a comprehensive range of aviation services in every part of the globe. Should you need to charter a VIP or Business aircraft, small or large cargo aircraft, or take a long-term lease on a Passenger aircraft, then we are able to provide you with a selection of all such aircraft.

Tony Coe, a veteran of the aviation industry, formed Aviation Complete in 1997. He started his Aviation career in 1973 with an airline based at Gatwick, moving on swiftly to run airline outstations in Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Nigeria, UAE and Sudan. He also travelled the world on many of these projects, visiting all the Continents - China to Canada, from Chile to Russia, USA to Mali. In 1987 he started his own company in collaboration with an airline entrepeneur, eventually assisting that airline to build their fleet up to 8 Wide body aircraft. In addition the company was contracted by the U.N. for six years airdropping vital food aid to starving refugees in Sudan. During that contract not a single dangerous incident occurred and over 157,000 tons of food reached the people that most needed it. In addition we have over the years flown many Heads of State, VIP’s of Multinational Corporations, Rock and Film stars,and an assortment of business delegations.

Our customers range from private individuals to large corporations, but all with the same need in common, a specialised air service that guarantees to meet their specific requirements.

Our reputation is based on our worldwide knowledge, experience, contacts, and ability to exactly meet our customers’ needs, both large and small, often operating in difficult circumstances.