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Passenger Charter Passenger Charter

Chartering an aircraft for passenger transport is like having your own aircraft – without the need to own and operate it yourself. Chartering has many benefits. The aircraft is available when, where and at what time you want it. When all the associated costs are taken into account, a passenger charter can be surprisingly cost-effective.

Charter flights can operate from local airports, avoiding the hassles and delays sometimes experienced when using major airports. Your passengers can check in a reasonable time before takeoff, arrive close to their final destination and experience quick, smooth transfer on arrival.

Charter passengers expect the best, so you want to be confident that everything will be arranged professionally. You will need the right type of aircraft and the most convenient airports. Special needs must be catered for smoothly and efficiently. Moving people by air charter is something you have to get exactly right, every time.

Aviation Complete guarantees you a reliable charter service for a wide range of passenger needs. Whether you are taking a group of journalists to a product launch, or providing the highest possible individual luxury service for your company president, we ensure that your needs and those of your passengers are met.